We began our YouTube channel back in 2020. And I don’t know if you remember 2020 or not, but it was not a great year to start a travel vlog. We took a trip to Tennessee in March of that year and got caught in the mountains when lockdown began. We changed our flight plans, drove home, and watched the world change with everyone else.

Throughout the summer of 2020, we found opportunities to explore parts of Florida we had never seen before. And by October we felt comfortable taking a road trip to Georgia with our senior pup Max, it was his last vacation with us. We learned to adapt, get take out, and explore less popular destinations with fewer people around.

In 2021 we took a long-awaited trip to Colorado and got to visit the Rocky Mountains for the first time. Being from the land of very flat Florida, we are fascinated by the mountains and plan to keep visiting more areas out West. We also visited our second National Park at Rocky Mountain and fell in love with the idea of visiting as many national parks as we can.

Our goal is to also visit all 50 states. We don’t have a timeline on this goal, but more so looking forward to all the different journeys that take us there. We’ve made it to 20/50 states so far. As we visit all of these places, we bring along our cameras and capture the experience.

Check out the vlog for more of our journeys!