You Can Stay in a Covered Wagon in Bradenton, FL

If you ever wondered what it was to live on the Oregon Trail, then its time to book a stay at this covered wagon in Bradenton. Located at the KOA on Hunsader Farms, this unique overnight accommodation will be a trip to remember for a long time to come.

After checking in at the front of the farm, you’ll make your way through the KOA campgrounds to find the covered wagon is situated right along the railroad tracks under a big oak tree. You’ll also be greeted with a view of the farms buffalo and bison as they roam, completing the true pioneer feel.

The wagon is surprisingly roomy inside. There is a king size bed, a bunk bed, and a table and chairs. The covered wagon we stayed in was also equipped with a microwave and mini fridge, and power outlets, so you don’t have to feel like you are really roughing it. And since this is Florida after all, the best amenity was probably the air conditioning. We were there in March, so the weather was very mild, but in the summer months, that A/C will certainly come in handy.

But don’t spend all of your time in the comfort of your wagon. There is also a spacious patio for you to enjoy. Equipped with a propane grill, a patio table that seats 6, and a fire ring, and don’t forget the views of the buffalo. In the evenings the wagons glow against the night sky, creating the perfect backdrop for your campfire and s’mores. We used the grill to make some tasty steaks, which we repurposed the next morning for a breakfast skillet. That’s some real pioneer ingenuity.

During the day you have the whole farm to explore. They have a train that rides around the property, going right behind the covered wagons, which is a great way to see the other areas and fields. We waved at a few of them from the back window of the wagon while we were staying there.

They also have a large produce market, with some amazing fresh and local produce. We picked up the potatoes we had with our dinner and some fresh fruit for breakfast the next morning. The farm also has seasonal U-Pick fields, so depending on the time of year you visit, you could pick anything from strawberries to pumpkins.

The wagon currently runs about $150 per night, which is about the cost of a local hotel room. But this is so much more of an experience than just a place to put your head at night. There are some other covered wagons located throughout Florida that run well over $700 per night, so all things considered this is a really great way to experience the pioneer life.

When you are ready for an adventure, be sure to put this wagon on your list, we know you’ll have as good of a time as we did!


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